Evaluation of Interests

To begin the process of our evaluation of your interests, you can email, call, fax, mail and/or complete the form on this website with any information that you feel would be helpful for us to propose an offer. Please send a plat of your acreage if available. We encourage you to email documents, but if this is too much, then you can fax as a second alternative. We need lease status information, if available. Please understand that the more information that you send to us will reduce the assumptions that we may have to make in trying to evaluate an offer. Also, should you furnish us with the necessary information, the evaluation will take less time and our offer will be more aggressive. As we frequently say around here, the fewer the assumptions, the better the offer. The information that we would like to see, if available, are as follows:

1. Copies of the most recent check stubs from the last 3 to 6 months.

2. Copies of any active Division Orders.

3. Copies of any active Oil, Gas, Mineral, and Coal Leases as well as Ratification of Oil and Gas Leases and/or Units.

4. Legal description of properties for sale, interest type and your decimal interests.

5. Copies of the deeds/assignments/conveyances into you.

6. Copies of plats/maps highlighting the tracts under which your interests are located.

7. If working interests, copies of the most recent Joint Interest Billings (JIBs) from the last 3 to 6 months.

8. If working interests, copies of any Authority For Expenditures (AFEs) proposed in the last 12 months.

9. If working interests, copies of any active Joint Operating Agreement (JOA).

Please fill in the following form:

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To determine the income you receive from your interest, please provide us with one of the following three pieces of information.

Last month's check amount $

Last 3 month's check totals $

Last year's total $

Tract Information

What is the name of the oil company or gas company who sends you your monthly royalty checks?

What is the tract, well, or unit name?

What is the state in which your mineral or royalty interest is located?

What is the county in which your mineral or royalty interest is located?

What is the legal description of this tract? (You will find this on the deed or probate documents in which you received this interest.)

How many net mineral acres do you own?

Other information (Please provide us with any information regarding this particular tract that you think we will find helpful evaluating your interest.)

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If you have any documents that can be of help you can fax them to our corporate offices at 713.654.1158 to the attention of David Welsh